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1. DRIVE THE MUSIC - A dangerous casual car race.

DRIVE THE MUSIC - A dangerous casual car race.

FILM INFO: What happens when young people start to listen to music in their cars? Well.. THIS happens! You will probaly recognize yourself in this little short film. Young people tend to start racing when listening to music in their cars! In this film our main character starts to 'visualize' an entire racetrack on his way to work. TECHNICAL: This film was pre-produced in 2 days and shot in 1 one day. We took the same driving route for 5 times. Between these 'rounds' we switched angles and put people inside the cars with shakey Canon 5D's and 550d CREW Directed by: Vincent Boudewijn Produced by: Viewgate Digital Starring: Sjoerd van den Bersselaar Camera: Stas van der lee, Vincent Boudewijn, Victor van Vloten, Robert van Wingerden. Edit: Vincent Boudewijn Visual FX: Vincent Boudewijn PROPS Cameracar - Nissan Pixo Showcar - Ford Fiesta CAMERA: Main: Panasonic GH3 Action cams: 5D, 550D MUSIC: BT and the roots - tao of the machine (This is a free project so all the credits of the music to BT) Big thanks to Arteffects for the crew, extra gear and the car mount!